If you would like to explore the possibilities to legally move to the US with your family, we invite you to join us in our Webinar to examine the options and possibilities of migration and profitable investments in the US.

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  • Experienced business and legal consulting team.
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Private Consultations

During ours one to one consultations you will be able to interact with our team of professionals. They will explain in a simple and clear way the information required to form a solid relationship with our team and give you the solid support required during these legal processes and procedures required to achieve your financial objectives.

The Best Customer Service
  • All our clients are VIP’S.
  • The best professional team assigned to your personal case.
  • All our Solutions meet all legal requirements in the US.
  • We have a diverse team of business consultants.
  • Total Solution Services.
Online Services

Our On line Webinar services will allow you to become familiar with immigration laws of the US. You will be able to develop a more complete experience and can review pertinent material, communicate directly with the immigration attorney, and ask questions.

Steps to carry out your immigration process in the U.S.

Select your legal team.
Your assigned Lawyer will review your case.
The legal team prepares the strategy to resolve your case.
They will be involved in every step of the process, safeguarding your success.

EB-5 Visas Program

This is the quickest and most direct way to lawfully move to the U.S., and you can then qualify to become a citizen if you wish. This is the preeminent way to obtain Residency and enjoy all the benefits of a American citizen in the U.S.


E-2 Visas Program

This visa allows foreign business people, their families and certain specialized employees, to work and live temporarily in the U.S.


L-1 Visas Program

This visa allows a management or executive personnel to be internally transferred, within the same corporation structure, into the company’s new branch to function in the U.S.


Franchises Program

This program was designed to help our clients in obtaining all of the required information to have a basic understanding of the franchise’s business.

Our Services

Investors Visas and Trade Visas (E-2 and E-1)

Employment Labor Certification (Perm)

Investment Visas EB-5 (Green Card through passive investment)

Special Visas for Artists, Performers, and those with Special Abilities, NIW (National Interest Waiver)

Executive/Management Visas L-1

Professional Visas H-1B

Immigration Court and Defense of Deportation


Number One Consulting in Business

Immigration lawyer with 20 years of experience in law

We support your Financial Interest

DACA ``Deferred Action for Arrivals in Children``

The immigration law firm Fernando Socol P.A. is offering “FREE” legal assistance in these DREAMERS that missed the registration death line. In addition Fernando Socol P.A. is offering PRO-BONO (free) legal services for those DACA cases in the immigration courts.

Visa program EB-5

The candidates for this visa have to make a capital investment in benefit of a business in the US. The amount of the investment will be determined by the type and location of the business, and other factors.

Visa program E-2

This visa allows foreign business nationals, their families and certain specialized employees to work and live temporarily in the US.


If you are planning to open a franchise, instead of buying an existing business, you can evaluate the success / failure relationship of the franchise company by reading the Government Franchise Disclosure Document and asking the relevant questions to the franchisor and franchisees.

We offer Customized Investment Strategies

Lawyers around the world

Legal advice and legal representation before any entity in the cities where we are present.

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