General Information

How to do business in the United States of America?

Our Seminar aims to raise awareness of how to expand your business and how to optimize the search for opportunities in United States of America.

The purpose of the event is to inform foreign businessmen and professionals about the possibilities of expanding their field of action and their products towards the United States of America.

Our event is due to the renewed interest of the Latin American business and professional sector to access the main commercial market in the world and throughout the seminar, we will present the most current aspects for you and your company to conquer this fabulous commercial market.

For this Seminar we have included new speakers and incorporated new topics, we will present the latest developments in matters of Immigration Law and doing Business in the USA, the latest changes and new business possibilities in the USA. Do not miss it, it is an excellent experience that will definitely open new markets for your company and you personally.

How to establishing your company or business in the United States of America?

Live, with your family, legally in the United States of America!

Our commitment is to provide both legal and commercial tools and instruments, providing the best professional services to allow our customers to achieve their goal to establish operations in the United States of America.


Our law firm, together with its allies in different areas and countries, knows about the commitment of companies and businessmen of today, in a completely globalized world, with businesses that are increasingly sophisticated and much more interconnected. We have a commitment with our clients to achieve a legal representation characterized by professionalism with competitive prices based on costs. Due to the complexity that certain businesses and legal issues may entail, our clients will require specialized legal representation.


Therefore our commitment is to facilitate the international movement to businessmen and individuals in the installation of their corporations or companies, who have determined that the businesses of the future are truly global and the United States represents the most important commercial platform in the world to take them to reality and practice in the shortest time possible.


Our law firm, faced with the growing number of businessmen, professionals and business people in Latin America that seek to establish their commercial operations and prosper in the North American economy, has developed an extensive legal advisory program for several years. ** Our seminar allows you to familiarize yourself with the North American business environment, with the laws and legal regulations in force in the United States of America.


Through our advice and management for a few years, hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs have established their companies in the United States, with the experience gained through this time we have learned a very important lesson: the challenge of obtaining the initial visa for the investor and Your family is just the beginning. We develop a positive environment for our clients and their businesses in the United States of America to face the obstacles that arise throughout the process.




Our law firm proudly shows how we have helped numerous companies, no matter their size, as well as businessmen to establish themselves legally in the United States of America. Our unique concept in legal assistance has been very well received by our clients.


Our law firm, together with its partners in different areas and countries, can provide assistance to our clients in the country where they are physically located. Like our firm, our correspondents specialize in business relationships and guarantee the client the success of their development possibilities in a new business market.


When retained by a client who is starting a new business, making an investment or establishing his business in the United States, our firm can advise on the respective details or about the relocation of their families in that country. Also, we can design jointly with him a strategic plan by providing a pattern of goals for the newly established business.


All our clients, entrepreneurs or business people who have come to our offices and who have achieved substantial success in their countries of origin, started a business in the United States of America with the administrative and legal challenges involved in this new experience. The advice of the professionals of our law firms has been a fundamental piece in the success they can achieve.


Undoubtedly, the United States of America is the main economic and commercial market in the world, together with Canada and Mexico, and represents an excellent opportunity for the development and expansion of foreign businesses and entrepreneurs willing to take on the challenge of installing their platform commercial in the USA. Due to its proximity, it constitutes the natural market for Latin American companies and products, over the years, these successful bilateral relations have promoted the development of both air and sea communications and connections, as well as its demographic density: 300 million of inhabitants with a high level and quality of life. However, it is still a difficult market to conquer if you do not have the appropriate legal advice and specialized knowledge from professional experts that is the reason for our work.


How can I establish in the United States of America?

Among the reasons there are two main ones that are divided as follows:

Those based on family relationships (relatives of American citizens and permanent residents), and Those based on employment or investment, for those who establish in the United States to install their companies, businesses or make investments.

Why would it be more efficient to cover the Latinamerican market from Miami, Florida?

Because there are many advantages, including:

  • More efficient direct access to telecommunications from the United States to Latin America.
  • Fast access, by air, from and to any Latin American country.
  • Broad market of accessible products in the United States, free for direct export to Latin America.
  • Greater legal and personal security to protect your business and investments.
  • The port facilities and the broader possibilities of both sea and air connections, which facilitate to both, the company and its executives, the placements of their products both in the Caribbean area, as well as throughout the Latin American market.
  • Excellent opportunities to obtain financing for your projects through direct access to a huge and diverse source of financing such as investment capital with the support of international financial institutions for small and medium-sized businesses.