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Jaime Guerrero has more than 35 years practicing professionally as a lawyer in the Courts of Justice of Ecuador. In addition to the private practice, Jaime has held public office in Ecuador, as an immigration judge and a criminal police officer. In the private sector, Jaime has also been highlighted as a legal advisor to banks and other companies.

Currently, Jaime Guerrero provides legal services through the Consulate of Ecuador in Miami, to Ecuadorian citizens or foreigners who need to process or solve a legal problem in Ecuador, from their law office in the City of Guayaquil and Quito. It also offers Immigration services (Visas, Residences), Divorces, Civil and Criminal Defenses, Corporate Formation, Intellectual Property, Commercial Contracts, and Debt Collections. Likewise, Mr. Guerrero helps Miami attorneys to Ecuadorian businessmen who need legal advice in Florida, United States.

Miami: +1 786-378 3634 / +1 786- 2378 490

Ecuador: + 593 98 723 7016