Visa E-2


The best way to create or buy a business with a moderated investment

This visa allows foreign business nationals, their families and certain specialized employees to work and live temporarily in the US.

This Visa (not for immigration) is available for people to wants to relocate to the US for the management and operation of a company on which the substantial capital is being invested.

The people applying for these visas are the controlling business owners of the investment. Must own aat least 50% of the stock (control) of the company in order to qualify for the visa.


The investment most be active; this means that invested capital has been spent, and is in use for the operation of the business, and the business is open and operating.

The Example of one type of E-2 investment is the purchase of a property, which is not by itself considered “active,” but if this purchase is accompanied by an approved plans for development and construction, then the investment is considered active for E-2 purposes. It is advisable that the investment plan is carried-out before making the application.

The investor must manage and have a controlling interest in the business. (It’s recommended that the invest is carried-out before the application is submitted)

The investment is substantial and the amount is not defined. The USCIS and DEPT. of State requires that the investment amount to be equal to the value of the business or the required amount to make the business function properly in his area. The law is not specific on the amount of the investment in the business.

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